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Our History

Our Great-Great Grandparents were the original settlers that homesteaded on this farm back in the 1850’s. They raised free range Pork, Cotton, Corn, and Sorghum for cash crops, and had their own Milk Cows, Goats, Bees, Veggies, Berries, etc…..all working together…to provide for the family. It was a lot of work, and a good life. In the 1940’s, Gilliam and Maggie Thornton, Jay’s Grandparents, transitioned the farm into a small twenty cow grass based dairy that produced milk and butter for the local area. They grew their own garden, kept pigs and chickens, and even worked off the farm in lean years to make ends meet.  

Over time, the dairy prospered and grew to around 50 cows, then during the 1970’s, when milk prices fell so low and their children had all moved off the farm for a better life, they sold the milk cows, and retired, focusing on beef cows, pigs, gardening, and grandkids!

Thanks to both of our Grandparents, We were raised helping them plow up the garden each spring, shovel cow and chicken manure to feed the crops. We also, dug potatoes at the crack of dawn with a potato fork, bucked square bales of hay in July and August among many other chores to keep the farm going.  

Today's “JV Farms” is a direct reflection of all the past generations work and their knowledge that was handed down to us. We believe that by building a local farm to consumer relationship, where “You Know Your Farmer, You Know Your Food,” we will be able to sustainably regenerate and revive the farm while growing some of the best, nutrient rich, hyper fresh, super clean food for your family and ours! All our Veggies and Berries are grown “Bee Friendly” by using only organic practices, we raise our animals in a manner that does not require medications or manipulations to their natural instincts, and we supplement the livestock’s grass/woodland diets with sea kelp, flax seed, organic vitamins/minerals, superior brewery mash and Arkansas grown corn.

In the News

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